Feeding Senior Cat

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Feeding Senior Cat

Сообщение Shawnturner » Сб дек 02, 2017 9:49

This is my other question for two of my other cats. I have two cats, Neko is 13 years old, Willie is 11. They have been eating only canned food for at least 7 years. Initially they were given a variety of brands and flavors but over the years for simplicity in shopping and because of price we've gone down to one brand and two flavors. Weruva: Cats in the Kitchen is the brand/line. Each cat gets one can a day split into two meals. That's 147-151 calories a day per cat.

Both cats are at an excellent weight. I have noticed over the last year or so though, that Neko is losing muscle mass in his hind legs, they are getting that weak elderly animal look to them. He has also become ridiculously obsessed with food. With the exception of about 2 hours after a meal he is constantly begging for food. If you are sitting still he might relax but as soon as you stand up he starts yowling and running back and forth from you to his plate. For the last two hours before a meal he just sits next to you and meows pathetically like he's starving. Willie is also food obsessed, but he's more of a counter surfer, he doesn't beg us for food he just tries to take it from our plates lol. It seems like he just likes the taste of food so scrounges around for it, like a dog. He doesn't seem desperately hungry like Neko does. Plus, Willie has always been like that, Neko has not.

At first I thought it was behavioral so simply ignored him, but once I noticed the muscle loss in his legs I figured he may really need more calories. So I added a bedtime snack of fresh pet to their diets. This didn't help. I was concerned about weight gain, mainly in Willie, so I did stop the bed time snack since it didn't help. So I did some internet searching and found sites saying that cats protein requirements actually increase in their senior years. So I'm thinking perhaps they need a higher protein food.

My questions are
1. Do you think this will help with the muscle loss and food obsession or am I way off base? My mother thinks the muscle loss might just be normal aging that we can't do anything about. I'm not sure he's really old enough for that yet.

2. Any brand recommendations that are not super expensive but are higher protein than the Weruva CitK? I'm a little confused on how to compare protein levels between brands. I always thought you were supposed to compare things on a dry matter basis to account for differences in moisture levels, but that doesn't make sense for this because I need to know how much protein is actually in each can and the dry matter percentages are not telling me that. They are telling me that Weruva is higher in protein than most foods. But I know that Weruva is very watered down compared to other foods, so I don't think each can actually contains more protein than other foods. So do I just go with the percentages on the can then?

Neko is due for a vet appointment soon I believe, but last year he did have blood work done and had a dental. Blood work indicated kidney disease but urinalysis indicated his kidneys were fine, and I guess urine trumps blood work. Everything else was normal.

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